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Tribal Belly Dance Pantaloon - Custom made by Velvet Peacock Designs

Satin 4 Yard Pantaloons for Tribal Bellydance, Folkloric Bellydance, Fusion Bellydance and Middle Eastern Ethnic Costumes
Satin Pantaloons

Four yard pantaloons can be worn alone, under a full skirt or under a Ghawazee Coat. Our pantaloons are made with easy to adjust elastic at the waistband and ankles. They are very full, 2 yards at each leg, and so are pleated for a nice bulk minimizing fit around your hips.



Customized length - $5

Limited Edition Jacquard
Burgundy, Brown & Gold Paisley Metallic Jacquard


Colors may vary from monitor to monitor

See our Velvets and Trims by the Yard page for limited edition fabrics and colors available.


Tribal Belly dance pantaloon
Thai Silk Pantaloons

*Thai silk no longer available*

Tribal Belly dance pantaloon



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